Inverters are available in ratings of 250, 500 & 1000 W.
250 W system operates on 12 VDC & the 500, 1000 W operate on 24 VDC.

For proper operation all the systems are supplied with 180 Ah batteries which are also manufactured by us.

Salient features

  •   Quick changeover time ( 40 msec.)        
  •     PWM control thereby ensuring stable output voltage   (220 V  5%)
  •   Mosfet operation for greater efficiency
  •     Electronic overload control - the connected load starts flickering during overload conditions & stabilises
        as soon as the excess load is switched off.
  •     Intelligent battery charging circuit - it keeps a track of the ampere hours & then switches off the charging
        to give the battery a rest thereby ensuring a good life  for the battery.
  •     Dimensions - 6" (W) x 9" (H) x 15" (D)

To view the maintenance instructions for the inverters supplied / installed by us click here - Maintenance



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