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Cell Site Energy Monitor ( CSEM )




It can monitor and record the specific operational parameters of the energy sources ( SEB, DG and Battery ) deployed at the BTS Site and their periodicity of usage on daily / cumulative basis. It also facilitates the monitoring and recording of certain Battery and DG operating parameters on real time basis on occurrence of specific events. The events can be downloaded from the CSEM through RS-232 port and a copy of the same can be kept as a permanant log record.

Salient Features

  •     Very high operational reliability, longer service life and easy to install
  •     Front panel keyboard for menu operation
  •     Display of information on a 16 x 2 alphanumeric backlit LCD
  •     Non volatile memory for data retention > 200 years
  •     Operating temperature range from OșC to +55șC
  •     Highly energy efficient ( Power consumption < 2 W )
  •     Data output to PC thru RS-232 / USB port
  •     Real time keeping function

Parameters Monitored and Recorded

  •     DG Running hours
  •     SEB status during changeover between DG and Battery
  •     Battery Voltage ( both charging & discharging )
  •     Can record / monitor upto 2 battery banks
  •     Contactor tripping ( SMPS ) sensing to record the occurrence of site going down
  •     Ambient Temperature recording
  •     Time and Date of occurrence of each event
  •     Battery service life elapsed / left

Tangible Benefits

  •     Controls Diesel pilferage to a great extent as CSEM generated data can be taken for verification of the energy
        consumption record in respect of each energy resource submitted for the site
  •     Generates authentic data which helps in achieving optimal usage of resources i.e. the DG and Battery
  •     Ready reference available in relation to energy resource utilization and Battery life consumed
  •     Can predict battery service life which facilitates decision making on timing the battery revival / replacement

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