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The purpose of this logger is to monitor the average speed of the vehicle during the test drive & is suitable for both 2 and 4 wheelers.

The logger has to be preset for the Lap Distance (1 to 99 Kms.) & the No. of Laps (1 to 99) & it records the time taken per lap in its non - volatile memory.  Upon completion of the preset no. of laps the logger beeps an audible signal & stops further recording, thus signifying the end of the test circuit.

The logger works on 12 VDC (external battery) with only a lead coming from the speedo sensor, which is built into the existing analog speedometer.

The data stored in the logger is downloaded into a PC thru the parallel port & a report generated alongwith the display of the data in tabular & as a bargraph.

The software is available in DOS version.


1.  Size of the logger         -  8"(L) x 4"(W) x 1.75"(H)

2.  Operating voltage         -  12 VDC external source.

3.  Current consumption    -  400 mA (max.)

4.   Resolution (time)          -  36 secs. ( 0.01 hr. )

5.   Memory size                 -  2K non volatile

6.   Sample rate                 -  1 to 99 km ( presettable )

7.   Speedo transducer       -  Built into the analog instrument cluster

8.   Km ratio                       -   1400 rev. per km.


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