Sw. Tape Equipment

                                                               The equipment is used to find out the speed, acceleration of the vehicle
                                                                by using the time logged vs. preset distance ( determined by the switch
                                                                tapes which are placed on the test track ).

                                                                The logger is microprocessor based having an alphanumeric display
                                                                ( 16 character x 2 line ) &  a keypad for making entries.  The parameters
                                                                to be programmed are,

                                                                1.   Test type (acceleration, max. speed, noise, brake speed)

                                                                2.    No. of switch tapes (2 min. to 4 max.)

                                                                3.    Distance between switch tapes (4m min. to 999m max.)

                                                                4.    No. of laps (1 to 9)

                                                                 Once programmed the equipment is ready to conduct the test, the time
                                                                 is recorded to the 2nd decimal place and the parameter in m / secē or
                                                                 Km / hr is displayed instantly.

                                                                 An audible beep from the logger signifies the end of the test & the results
                                                                 can be viewed again for each distance per lap after which the data may
                                                                 be erased. Until erased the data remains in the non volatile memory of
                                                                 the logger.

                                                                 The equipment also has a provision for mock testing of the setup ( for
                                                                 proper connection between the switch tapes & the logger ) before 
                                                                 commencing the actual test.


                                                                                               a) Size of the logger               -  8" (L) x 4" (W) x 1.75" (H)

                                                                                               b) Operating voltage               -  12 VDC external source

                                                                                               c) Current consumption           -  600 mA (max.)

                                                                                               d) Size of Switch Tape            -  0.04m (W) x 1m (L)

                                                                                               e) Memory size                        -  2K non volatile

                                                                                                f) Time recorded (least count) -  0.01 sec.



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