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This is a windows based  software for designing small transformers working on Line Frequency (50 / 60 Hz) and High Frequency for use in SMPS. 

The Line Frequency Transformers are divided into two categories, 

1.    Ordinary Transformers for use in Linear Power Supplies, Inverters etc.

2.    Auto Transformers for Voltage control etc.

 upto  a capacity of 5000 VA  using CRGO / CRNO (E - I) lamination 

Ordinary Transformers
can be designed for the following applications,

  •     Step Down
  •     Step Up
  •     Tapped Secondary
  •     Tapped Primary
  •     Multiple Secondaries 

Auto Transformers
can be designed as

  •   Step Up
  •     Step Down

High Frequency transformers
are used in Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) & can be designed for the following applications ( the Inductor values are also calculated alongwith )

  •   Flyback converter
  •     Forward converter
  •     Push Pull converter


There is a provision to create Custom Core Library both for EI Laminations & Ferrites

The software is avaliable on a CD & comes with a hardware lock which connects at the parallel port.

System Requirement ( min. )

Pentium 100 MHz, 24 MB RAM, 10 MB disk space, CD - ROM drive, Color monitor, Parallel Port with Windows 95 or higher ( preferred screen resolution 800 x 600 pixels )

Screen shot of the Ordinary Transformer design


Screen shot of the Auto Transformer design


Screen shot of the SMPS Transformer design



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